Copy of FAQs

Kushboo Soaps are a conscious business with values and ethics at the core of all we do. 

We believe that we don't not need to compromise on our treatment of people, animals or the Earth to create our products.

We are vegan, plastic-free, sustainable, cruelty-free and give generously to the vulnerable.

Kushboo Soaps

All our products are individual made by us with love in our Soap Kitchen in the beautiful Ribble Valley in Lancashire, England. We don’t use mass production techniques instead we individually craft all our products by hand carefully combining functionality with aromatherapy, resulting in a truly unique and beautiful artisan product.

We don’t outsource any of our production to other companies or add in any elements to pre-made soap. Every single ingredient is carefully selected for its skin loving benefits and the Kushboo formulations - many of which are family secrets.

Did you know that many other soap brands who claim to make their soap use the ‘melt and pour’ technique, where basic soap is purchased and then melted down, ingredients added (often colours and perfume) only to be sold again?

Kushboo’s ethics are rooted in working in harmony with nature. We use only the highest quality plant based ingredients in all our products, using pure vegetable oils and carefully selected botanics and herbs known for their benefits and effectiveness on your skin and hair.

Many people are unaware that cosmetic products are able to claim 'natural' status by only containing one natural ingredient. Products stating they are natural often include other synthetic ingredients that may be harmful to your skin.

Kushboo never use synthetic or artificial ingredients, preservatives or petrochemicals which are used in many other soap brands and skin care products claiming to be natural. Furthermore, because we are 100% natural our soaps are free from SLS (Sodium Laurel Sulphate) and Parabens.

The beautiful fragrances in our soaps are formulated by blending exquisite highest quality natural essential oils - never synthetic perfumes.

We encourage you to Google the individual ingredients of other soaps to see if they really are 100% natural.

All of Kushboo skincare products are Vegan.

We only use pure plant based ingredients, we never use artificial or synthetic additives. All Kushboo products are 100% free from any animal products or animal by-products.

We do not use plastic packaging and always strive to find an alternative with new product launches. We wrap our soaps in recyclable paper certified by the Forest Stewardship Council - the original pioneers of forest certification who work towards improving forest management, promoting sustainability use, conservation and restoration of the world’s forests.

We use natural plant botanics as exfoliators in each of our soaps, which not only offer wellbeing aromatherapy benefits but also eliminate the use of environmentally damaging micro-bead plastics sometimes used in other cosmetic products.

Kushboo is committed to working with local suppliers where possible, helping to reduce environmental impact. When we buy local, we also help build and grow our local community.

Protecting and caring for our planet is the very core of our brand. We respect every element of Nature and therefore work hard to to limit our impact on the environment wherever possible.

Our soaps are made using 100% plant ingredients and unlike many other soaps on the market contain absolutely no chemicals colour or synthetic perfumes, which are often the cause for skin irritation making our soaps perfect for troubled skin.

We receive frequent feedback from or customers with sensitive skin telling us that they have found Kushboo Soaps to improve their skin conditions on face and body. We encourage you to read our customer reviews.

Yes, each of our nine soaps offer a natural botanical exfoliator ranging in grades of exfoliation, please see the individual description of each of our soaps.

Kushboo is a the Urdu/Hindi word meaning Beautiful Fragrance or Sweet Smell.
The ‘Kush’ part translates as happiness or joy.

Palm oil is no doubt a controversial ingredient with regards to the debate around deforestation. However, Palm oil itself is not to blame - it's just a crop but it’s the unsustainable practices of this crop that has led to widespread deforestation.

Sir David Attenborough himself urges people to support sustainable Palm oil. In his recent BBC programme ‘Seven Worlds, One Planet’ he stated;

“The balance between our needs and conservation is hard, but we can offer a vital lifeline for our forest relatives. We may be able to protect them through simple choices, like buying products made with deforestation-free, sustainable palm oil from companies that support local people, using existing plantations, without cutting down more rainforest.” Sir David Attenborough

Kushboo soaps are formulated with sustainable palm oil. Our oil supplier is certified RSPO (Roundtable Sustainable Palm Oil)

As a Journalist of nearly 20 years I have carried out substantial research on RSPO before being satisfied that this was the most reliable and ethical solution to using palm oil in Kushboo products. Did you know that over half the products in any supermarket contain palm oil and whilst this is problematic in itself, soap is a tiny fraction of this.

The RSPO has sets out best practices for producing and sourcing palm oil. They encourage companies to be transparent in their use and sourcing of palm oil ensuring they know who they are buying from and where it’s been produced. Furthermore they invest in and support smallholder programmes and sustainable landscape initiatives.

David Attenborough – Seven Worlds, One Planet

Further information can be found on the RSPO website.

We have donated soap to vulnerable people from the very beginning as we believe soap is dignity- a basic commodity that should be available to all.
After all, we all feel better after a wash, no matter who we are. For every soap we sell, we donate another across various charities and Food banks, helping vulnerable people to get back on their feet.

Our amazing customers have supported our ethos and have helped us help those less fortunate than us, right from the very start. In a small way, every time you buy a soap, you are helping support vulnerable people get back on their feet – thank you. You can read more about this on our Giving Back page. 

We’ve now made it even easier for those customers who would like to purchase an extra bar of soap as part of their order by introducing Pay it Forward.


We send all orders via Royal Mail on a tracked and signed service. This means you (or somebody else) will need to be present to sign and receive your parcel.

Standard delivery - 3-5 working days
Order value £0.00 to £50.00 = £3.95 shipping
Order value £50 or more = FREE shipping

We wrap your order in tissue paper and recyclable bubble wrap (where needed). Occasionally your order may be partly packed with non recyclable packaging which we would have received in deliveries and so rather than disposing of it, this is our way of simply reusing the packaging. We’d love for you to do the same.

Yes. We can send your order directly to your family and friends. Simply enter their address in the delivery address section. You can also write a little message which we will send on in a little gift note.