Pay it forward

We have always supported the vulnerable with soap donations. We are now proud to include Frontline NHS staff to this giving and will continue to do so at this difficult time when hand washing has never been so important. We will continue to donate a bar of soaps for every Kushboo purchase you make. Now you can too – add a ‘pay it forward’ soap bar to your order and we’ll donate on your behalf. Please help us support the vulnerable. We are all in this together. 

 Exquisite, Ethical, Vegan Soap

Inspired by generations of soap-making tradition, each Kushboo bar is individually handcrafted, engraved and hand wrapped to create a luxurious experience for your skin and your senses.  Kushboo soaps are 100% natural and Vegan and do not contain SLS’s, parabens or other chemicals.

We use only the finest ethically sourced natural plant based ingredients. Our soaps are naturally fragranced using our own unique blends of pure essential oils. We never use artificial perfume.  Our soaps are suitable for all skin types.

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Working alongside Nature’s Garden


Kushboo soaps are individually handcrafted using carefully selected luxurious, moisturising quality oils, enriched with a blend of essential oils and gentle botanicals to cleanse the skin and indulge the senses.

We are proud to be a conscious business with values and ethics at the core of all we do. We believe that we don’t not need to compromise on our treatment of people, animals or the Earth to create our products.

Our products are Vegan and contain absolutely no animal ingredients or by-products and we would never ever test on animals.

We strive to work with the environment by having a no plastic policy, packaging our soap with recyclable paper and reusing packaging material wherever possible. We work with local businesses to reduce our carbon footprint. All our soaps are made and packaged in the UK.

Now available online –  bath soak and foot soak range

Inspired by India, made in the beautiful Ribble Valley

Skincare inspired by Nature’s garden.


As a child of Indian parents, I remember my mother consistently using only natural products for the whole family, reflecting centuries of eastern health and beauty care.

There seemed to be no limits to finding a health, beauty or wellbeing solution from my parent’s Indian kitchen.

Today, as a mother of three teenage daughters, I’ve continued with the tradition of passing down ancient beauty secrets from mothers to daughters. In our family we have a saying “If you wouldn’t put it in your mouth, why would you put it on your skin?”  

The scent is such an integral element of each bar and so KUSHBOO, simply translated as ‘Fragrance’ in my mother tongue Urdu, and KUSH meaning ‘happiness’  seemed the natural name for our gorgeous smelling soaps filled with happiness and made with love.

Respecting what we put on our skin should be as important as what we put in our body.

Each and every soap is individually handmade to cleanse, moisturise and balance the skin.  The various properties of the essential oils in each bar is an added bonus to restore and balance the mind and body.

Kushboo’s ethos is to give back to the community and to help others. So, for every batch we make, we make another batch of soap specifically for the homeless charity ‘Nightsafe’. In a small way, every time you buy a soap, you are helping support homeless people get back on their feet – thank you.

We are also proud to supply soap for the women’s refuge Emmeline’s Pantry – run by women, for women.

Kushboo is committed to working with local suppliers where possible, helping to reduce environmental impact. When we buy local, we help build and grow our community.

We never ever test our soap on animals (just our teenage daughters)

Favours Gifts and Events

It’s the little extras that make an event especially memorable. Why not give your guests something truly unique?

We can create stunning, personalised wedding soaps for you and your guests on your big day. Our luxury soaps can be tailored to be completely unique for your event and customised to fit in with your colour scheme or theme. Our wedding favours can have you and your partner’s name and the date of your wedding stamped onto each individual soap forming a beautiful keepsake for all your guests.

Our unique, handmade, 100% natural wedding favours are individually made with love for less than you would think. With various scents, sizes and presentation styles, there’s something to suit everyone. Get in touch with us to discuss your perfect gift.

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“Absolute life changer! I'm allergic to soap and these all natural soaps have been a miracle - never felt so clean and moisturised! Will never go back from using kushboo!! Just want creams and shampoos etc now!”


“Love my peppermint and coconut soap, it has worked really well to clear my skin and smells lovely. It hasn’t reacted with my sensitive skin either which is always a worry I have with scented soaps! “


“I am so impressed with how hydrating Kushboo soaps are on my sensitive skin. Most soaps dry my skin out completely but these are so natural (but also smell gorgeous) that I don't need any moisturising after washing.”


"Your service was faultless. Soaps were very well received... all the girls commented on the wonderful scent… a gorgeous little gift for the ladies goodie bags... thank you x.”


“Makes my hands feel luxurious and so much better than the dove liquid hand soap I have. I have been using KUSHBOO Soap to wash my face too and someone told me that I looked 27 - I’ll take those 7 years..face and hands smelling positively fragrant.”


"I've been using the peppermint & coconut soap as facewash and I'm so pleased with the results. I have combination skin with regular spot break out, but this month I have not only been spot free but my dry patches have gone too. Amazing! I can't wait to try the other 'flavours' "


"I've been using the tea tree soap & it has completely cleared up my skin. I love how KUSHBOO use only 100% natural ingredients & I would definitely recommend"


"Tony is usually very fussy about soap but he is very happy with the Oatmeal, Honey and Bergamot. We both love the soaps!"

Tony and Bunny

"Oh wow! Love the packaging, the story of how it came about, the fact it is made locally to us, and just about everything!....having just used the tea tree and poppy seed this evening, I am very very impressed. My skin feels so Good! It is a truly stunning product, Love love love Kushboo Soaps"


"We have had one of your soaps on the go in the bathroom at the laundry. Well, as you can imagine we wash our hands hundreds of times per day and I am prone to a spot of eczema between my fingers. So since we have been using your soap, it does appear to be helping, it's clearing nicely. Also the soap does not go glupey it keeps it shape. Its a bit fab!"


"Got the Peppermint and Coconut soap for my birthday. Moisturising, natural, has cleared my skin since starting with this + smells beaut. Will definitely try more from the range!"


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